In Praise of Paths

"A charming read, celebrating the relationship between humans and their bodies, their landscapes, and one another."
The Washington Post

"What [Ekelund]'s addressing is the intention to walk one's way to meaning: the walk as spiritual exercise, a kind of vision quest in which the answers we arrive at are less important than the impulse to seek them."
New York Times

"[R]ethinking the social, historical, and spiritual needs that are met by putting one foot in front of the other."
Outside Magazine

"[U]rges a return to our ambulatory origins...[N]ever low on zeal."
The Wall Street Journal 

"This lovely book taps into something primeval in us all."
Star Tribune

"When Torbjørn Ekelund received an epilepsy diagnosis that affected his ability to drive, he too took up walking as a primary mode of transportation. He also discovered many things from the experience... These musings have now been gathered into a book: In Praise of Paths; Walking Through Time and Nature."
The Well-read Naturalist

"In Praise of Paths is curious, charming and readable. And, in a world where I thought there wasn't much more to be said about paths and walking, it brings a new and thought-provoking perspective to the subject."
Caught by the River

"[Ekelund] invites his readers to join him on his chosen path, a path that involves regular walking with careful mindfulness. This is an invitation we should all accept." 
The Vancouver Sun